Embark on a Journey to Your True Self

At Fresh Start Pathways, we believe in the transformative power of faith to guide individuals toward a deeper understanding of themselves and to manage life's challenges with grace. Founded by David Edward, a man whose life was profoundly changed by a near-death experience, we offer a beacon of hope to those seeking to explore faith, understand their emotions, and discover their true identity.

One-on-One Coaching

Our phone-based, one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to provide you with personalized guidance and support. Tailored specifically to deal with anger and the quest for self-discovery, our program uses basic Christian principles to help you relearn how to think and manage your emotions. Our approach is unique; we aim to provide tremendous value in a short time, empowering you to take your next steps in faith and personal growth.

Our Mission

We're here to coach individuals interested in exploring faith, primarily focusing on utilizing faith's tools to deal with anger and learn who they truly are. Our goal is for you to see the path to your true self, a journey that usually unfolds over just 2 to 3 sessions.

Who We Serve

Fresh Start Pathways is for adults seeking self-improvement and guidance on their spiritual journey. Our ideal clients are individuals who recognize the need for inner change and are ready to embark on a path to a more fulfilling life.

Our Process

Your journey with us will challenge you to confront and understand your internal dialogues, the sources of your emotions, and ultimately, your true self. Through our sessions, you'll gain the tools to manage your thoughts and emotions, paving the way for further exploration into faith or a newfound sense of purpose.


Reverend David Edward - A Beacon of Light in Christian Life Coaching

In the wake of a life-altering near-death experience, David Edward found his true calling: to empower individuals on their journey toward self-discovery and spiritual awakening. As a newly ordained minister in non-denominational Christianity and a board-certified Christian life coach, David brings a unique blend of spiritual insight, compassion, and practical wisdom to his coaching practice, Fresh Start Pathways.

David's journey is marked by a diverse and impactful career. From his distinguished service as a Special Agent in the US Army, where he honed his leadership and crisis management skills, to his success in the business world as the founder of a leading geospace company, David has always been driven by a passion for making a meaningful difference in the world. His academic achievements, including three Master of Science (M.Sc.) degrees, a doctorate in engineering, and a Ph.D. in Pedagogy, are a testament to his dedication to learning and excellence.

Whether you're seeking to manage emotions, explore your spirituality, or find your true purpose, David Edward offers a guiding light—a fresh start on the path to self-discovery and fulfillment. David's coaching is not about creating dependency but empowering individuals to discover their true selves and their paths in life.

The Voice of Entry Level

As the host of "Entry Level Christianity," David reaches out to a wide audience, sharing the foundational principles of the Christian faith with clarity and warmth. His voice resonates with those at the beginning of their faith journey, offering guidance, encouragement, and a welcoming hand into the spiritual community.

An Author with Impact

David Edward is the author of more than 50 books, making him a prolific figure in the world of literature. His novels, celebrated for their thrilling adventures and intricate plots, delve deep into the essence of morality and the human condition. Through the trials and triumphs of his characters, David explores what it means to do the right thing, examining diverse reactions to intense situations. While primarily fiction, his stories are imbued with the underlying principles of faith, personal growth, and ethical leadership, subtly conveying the foundational values that guide us in making a meaningful impact on the world.

Your Coach and Ally

At Fresh Start Pathways, David Edward combines his vast experiences, spiritual leadership, and compassionate coaching to offer a transformative experience. His focus on using Christian principles to address challenges such as anger and self-identity issues provides clients with practical tools for personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Begin Your Transformation

At Fresh Start Pathways, we're dedicated to guiding you through a journey that challenges you to confront and understand your relationship with anger and self-identity, grounded in Christian values. With Rev. David Edward, you'll engage in a direct, no-nonsense coaching style that's rooted in traditional wisdom rather than modern coddling.

Initial Commitment

All clients start with a foundational 2-session program. Each session lasts 50 minutes and is priced at $125. This structured beginning is crucial for laying the groundwork for your journey.

Possible Additional Session

While the initial two sessions are designed to be comprehensive, we recognize that deeply ingrained challenges might need an extra step. A third session is available for those who find themselves wrestling significantly with separating from their anger. The decision for an additional session is made together, based on your progress and needs.

Session Timing

To maximize reflection and assimilation, sessions are scheduled a minimum of two weeks apart. This pacing is intentional, allowing you to process and apply the insights gained from each session.

Getting Started

Expect to be challenged. Rev. Edward’s coaching is based on the principle of tough love, pushing you to critically examine your thoughts and behaviors without sugar-coating. This is Christian coaching that demands active participation and openness to change, offering you a powerful catalyst for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

To embark on this transformative journey, visit our scheduling page [link to scheduling page] to book your initial sessions. If you’re ready to confront yourself and grow through a structured, challenging process, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Rev. David Edward is ready to challenge you towards a fresh start.